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Goodfellow Stenciled Bench


This bench makeover was so simple yet I absolutely love how it turned out.  Not every makeover has to be complicated, although those often end up with the biggest transformations.  This time, this bench just needed one coat of paint and the perfect stencil.  Here’s what it looked like Before: It was a yard sale […] Read more…

Antique Bench Makeover with Vintage Pillowcase


Friends, I have a sweet little makeover for you today.  This antique bench deserved to have a much more charming look, and the stained green fabric wasn’t doing it any favors. I searched through my stash and found this gorgeous vintage pillowcase with stitched floral design which I’ve had for years and been saving for the perfect […] Read more…

24 Ideas for Small Table Makeovers


One of my favorite types of furniture to paint is small tables.  You can easily find them at thrift stores, yard sales, and online (Facebook groups and Craigslist) and they’re usually pretty inexpensive. Small tables are perfect for experimenting with different types of painting and creative designs.  Below I’ve categorized 24 of my small table makeovers into four […] Read more…

Provence Stenciled Table


Happy Friday!  Today I’m showing you how I took a basic black X-leg table (bought super cheap from a Facebook yard sale group) and turned it into a pretty Provence stenciled table. Here’s how it looked when I got it- pretty much no character except for the legs. I painted it with a couple coats […] Read more…

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