Graphite Chalk Paint Chair Makeover {Client Project}


Hi friends- I thought I’d give you all a break from the Christmas projects today. I got an email a couple weeks ago from a local lady who wanted to give her teenage daughter a chair for Christmas.  (Does that technically make this a “Christmas project?”  Okay, maybe…) She wanted something black and French themed […]

Oriental Nightstands {Themed Makeover}


It’s Themed Furniture Makeover Day again!  This month’s theme is RED. It’s a good thing the theme is open to interpretation. Click HERE to see all the past Themed Makeovers I’ve done with my friends. Here’s the Before of these Oriental nightstands (which used to be part of a vanity sometime before I rescued them […]

Table Makeover with French Advertisement (The Twin)


This week I finally finished the twin to the Table Makeover with French Perfume Graphic that I showed you guys two weeks ago.  I’m happy I have a pair that coordinates now, and these look perfect together!  (There’s a photo of both tables together at the bottom of this post.) Here’s a reminder of the Before: […]

Chalk Paint Chair Makeover with Drop Cloth Seat


Today’s chair makeover is simple but classy. I forgot to take a “proper” before photo – this is the one my mom snapped on her cell when she saw it at a yard sale.   I had some leftover fabric picked out for the seat, but realized too late that the piece wasn’t big enough. […]

Table Makeover with French Perfume Graphic {Themed Makeover}


Today is October’s Themed Furniture Makeover Day, and the theme is “Words and Letters.” Every month, 15-20 of my friends and I all create a new furniture makeover with a different theme.  (See all of my past TFMD projects HERE.) It’s a lot of fun, and sometimes we have to push ourselves out of our […]

Painted Leather Chair Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


This is one of those projects that ends up taking much longer that you think it will.  A typical chair makeover will take a day or less to complete – a couple coats of paint, new fabric, and a protectant and you’re usually good to go.  (You can read my in-depth guide to doing a […]

Distressed Stenciled Round Table Makeover


Do you remember the glamorous gold and white stenciled table I painted a couple weeks ago?  Well my hubby (who usually complains about all my furniture around here… LOL) insisted that we have to keep it.  That is a huge compliment to me.     (I’ve actually only kept a handful of pieces that I’ve […]

Gold and White Stenciled Table {Themed Makeover}


Yes this is a gold and white stenciled table makeover, but that just sounds so boring, doesn’t it?  This is definitely not a boring table.  Once in a while, all the stars align and a project comes together exactly like I imagined- this is one of those times.  <3  I hope you love it too! […]

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