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24 Ideas for Small Table Makeovers


One of my favorite types of furniture to paint is small tables.  You can easily find them at thrift stores, yard sales, and online (Facebook groups and Craigslist) and they’re usually pretty inexpensive. Small tables are perfect for experimenting with different types of painting and creative designs.  Below I’ve categorized 24 of my small table makeovers into four […] Read more…

Provence Stenciled Table


Happy Friday!  Today I’m showing you how I took a basic black X-leg table (bought super cheap from a Facebook yard sale group) and turned it into a pretty Provence stenciled table. Here’s how it looked when I got it- pretty much no character except for the legs. I painted it with a couple coats […] Read more…

Indian Inlay Stenciled Table


Hi friends!  Today I’m sharing an Indian Inlay stenciled table makeover that almost kicked my butt, even though I’ve done quite a few stenciling projects before. This table was a yard sale castaway (they practically gave it to me) with high-gloss spray paint and plenty of chips and bumps. But I really liked the shape of […] Read more…

Pottery Barn Inspired Trunk Bedside Table – Themed Furniture Makeover


It’s Themed Furniture Makeover Day – one of my favorite days every month when my DIY Furniture Makeover Girls and I all share projects based on a theme.  (See all my past TFMD makeovers HERE.) This month’s theme is Rustic. These campaign-style nightstands didn’t start out too rustic, except for the huge missing chunk and […] Read more…

Vintage Chair Makeover Make-under


It’s really rare that I buy a piece of furniture that’s already been made over with the intent of redoing it.  But obviously the owner of this bright turquoise chair wasn’t happy with it anymore, because I got a great deal on it.  I really thought the color was too bright, the fabric was too […] Read more…

Union Jack Table and the Birth of a Princess


Hi friends!  I’m going to start this off with a confession: this project was a big failure last week when I removed all the painter’s tape and discovered I had messed up the lines.  It turns out that painting a Union Jack is more difficult than I thought… have any of you tried it and […] Read more…

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