Aubusson Blue Demilune Table


My husband says I paint everything white.  Well not everything, but I do tend to stick with neutrals most of the time.  And if you read my March in Review post, I promised to use more color this month.  Are you happy now, honey?   I bought this gorgeous Aubusson Blue paint from my local Annie [...]

Advice and Steps for Doing a Chair Makeover


Hi friends, today I have some tips and general advice for doing a chair makeover all on your own.  The typical chair makeover can be done in less than a day and without a lot of headache.  Read the guidelines below and you’ll have pretty much all the information you need to redo a chair, bench, [...]

Gold and Gray Cabinet {Metallic Themed Furniture Makeover}


Hi friends- today is themed furniture makeover day!  For March we chose “metallics” as the theme.  At the end of this post you can click on the images to see my friends’ projects. Here’s my contribution. This piece gave me some grief the last few weeks, that’s for sure!  The top was pretty scratched but [...]

Ballard Designs Inspired Tower Makeover {Rock Your Knockoff Tour}


This week some of my friends and I have gotten together to recreate expensive items at popular home decor stores for a fraction of the cost.  This is my first “knockoff” or “inspired by” makeover, and it was pretty fun!  I saw the Wilton Etagere on the Ballard Designs website and had the perfect piece [...]

Crown Table Makeover


I’m not one who rushes into things.  I’m a thinker, an introvert, and often slow to make decisions.  And I fall in love easily… with old furniture that has a ton of potential.  That’s why I have about 15 pieces waiting on me (Kidding!  Or am I..?), and why this particular table has been waiting [...]

Midcentury Makeover with a Surprise


We were lucky enough to get almost all the way through winter without either of the boys getting sick- until this week.  Thankfully it’s just a cold and a nasty cough (confirmed by the doctor), but my little guy has been so miserable!  I really hope he’s up and playing again soon.  :(  During the [...]

Pretty in Paisley {Romance Themed Furniture Makeover}


Hi friends!  I promise I’m fine and not buried under a huge pile of snow somewhere.  I took a few days off from blogging because of the Michaels Pinterest Party last weekend and because I’ve been working on a double furniture makeover for today.  What’s today?  It’s the themed furniture makeover day!  Kathy and I [...]

French Typography Table


I’ve wanted to try another image transfer project for a while (ever since this French graphic cabinet last year) but it took me a long time to find another method that would work better for me.  When I found this table, I knew it would be the perfect candidate for another transfer attempt.  It had some scratches [...]

Tribal Table {Cowboys and Indians Themed Makeover}


Today I’m sharing something really fun!  I’ve partnered with one of my blogging buddies to bring you two awesome furniture makeovers with the theme of Cowboys & Indians.  Kathy from Petticoat Junktion painted a piece with a wild west vibe (there’s a photo and link at the very end of this post) and I painted [...]

Distressed Headboard Bench


Guess what?  It’s Friday!  I’ve had a pretty good week- a few small accomplishments at home (although I’ve yet to finish putting the Christmas decorations away!), a few new projects lined up for the weekend, and a date night planned with the hubby.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet, but it doesn’t [...]

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