6 Fabulous Thrifty Upcycles

Hey guys!  I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far and that you have safe travels if you’re visiting loved ones for the holiday.  My friend Christy is here today sharing 6 of her favorite thrifty upcycles – she’s a genius at repurposing!  Enjoy the inspiration.  🙂

Six fabulous thrifty upcycles made from pairing unlike items!

Hello Girl in the Garage readers!  I’m Christy and I blog at ConfessionsofaSerialDIYer.com. I’m so excited to get to hang out here with you today while Jen enjoys some much needed mama time!

Like Jen, I love a bargain! I also love to pair unrelated items to create something completely new and unique.

Today I’m sharing six thrifty projects that I created by doing just that!

First up is this this mirror I scored at a yard sale for $1, and this shelf I paid a few dollars for at a thrift store:


I combined them to make this Cottage-Inspired Shelf with Mirror:

Cottage-Inspired Shelf with Mirror from thrifty finds

Cottage Inspired Shelf with Mirror

Next up is one of these yard sale frames…


that I paired with this estate sale scarf:


to create this fun tray!

Repurpose a favorite scarf by putting it under the glass in a picture frame turned tray!

DIY Scarf Tray

You may have seen this next redo recently as part of our new Thrifty Transformation Tuesday series. I found this sad thrift store cabinet:


Threw in some of this old fencing:


to create this one-of-a-kind cabinet:

Update a cabinet by switching out the doors for something for more fun! These are old fence pickets!

Beach-Inspired Bathroom Cabinet

How about this Frame and mirror combo I scored while thrifting:


I turned them into this pretty fabric framed mirror!

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

Thrifty Fabric Framed Mirror

Next up, I combined these two unlikely pieces; a curbside drawer front and a thrift store frame:


They became the perfect landing spot for my kids’ backpacks!

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

Curbside Drawer to Back-to-School Organizer

And finally, I was sent this lamp as part of a thrift swap challenge:


I paired it with this thrift store frame:


Any guesses what they became? Did you guess a mini chalkboard message board?

Lamp turned memo chalkboard memo board!

Lamp to Memo Chalk Board

Then you were right! 🙂

So many cute décor items that cost next to nothing to make!  A couple outdated items and a little imagination can go a long way.  Now you’ll be seeing what treasures you can combine, right?

Thanks, Jen for allowing me to hang out with your lovely readers!

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3 Comments on 6 Fabulous Thrifty Upcycles

  1. Helen Holley
    November 24, 2015 at 2:42 pm (3 years ago)

    I loved every single piece you created! Great job!


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