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12 Clever Trash to Treasure Makeovers


Whether you’re watching Fixer Upper or What Not to Wear (hello reruns!), or scrolling through the internet’s gazillions of DIY websites, is there anything much more exciting than a good Before and After?  The uglier the before, the better.  There’s just something about a clever or unexpected transformation that inspires people to see the beautiful potential […] Read more…

How to Reupholster a Dining Chair + Straying from your “usual” type of project


My favorite pieces to paint are vintage and antique furniture.  The details, scrolls, and craftsmanship are almost unmatched in modern day pieces.  There’s just something so satisfying about taking a neglected dresser, table, or chair that was loved decades ago and transforming it into a beautiful, usable piece again. Can I get an amen? But […] Read more…

Repurposed Art to DIY Memo Boards


Framed fruit, almost juicy enough to grab and take a bite. Dainty flowers frozen for eternity on stark white paper.  (Now that’s a plant I can’t kill.) At one time, these prints hung proudly in a hallway, or if they were really lucky, in a living room watching a happy family going about their daily business – until […] Read more…

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