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Treasure Hunting 9


I must confess: I’ve been doing a lot more treasure hunting than actual furniture painting this winter.  After what I brought home these last few weeks, I’ve promised myself to stay off of Craigslist and Facebook sales groups for a while.  So if I have another Treasure Hunting post soon with furniture in it, please […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 8


It’s been a couple months since the last Treasure Hunting post, and even though I don’t go thrifting as much in the winter, I wanted to show you guys the fabulous few items I’ve picked up lately. Below are ornate mirrors from Goodwill – not antiques, but they look like it!  I originally planned to […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 7


My mom and I spent Saturday morning at the Expo center for a massive indoor garage sale (three large buildings full!). Even though the crowds were insane, I was able to bring home a bunch of little treasures – mostly vintage and antique colored glass this time. I told you… lots and lots of pretty […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 5


Hi friends, and welcome to the 5th installment of Treasure Hunting – where I show you recent my yard sale and thrift store finds and you tell me what you think.  Some of these items I’ll keep as is, some I will make over, and some I’ll take to my booth to sell. First up […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 4


It’s time for another installment of Treasure Hunting, aka “The good stuff I’ve found at yard sales and thrift stores lately.”  Some of these items I will redo, and some will go straight to my booth.  And I usually end up keeping a few things for myself (for awhile anyway).  😉 I fell in love […] Read more…

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