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Treasure Hunting 16


Have you ever heard that phrase about eating – “Your eyes are bigger than your appetite,” or some other variation?  Basically, everything looks so good that you put too much food on your plate and then you can’t eat it all. The same is true with me lately, but with furniture instead of food.  I haven’t had […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 15


It’s been a while since I showed you guys my yard sale finds, since I’ve been cutting back on thrifting and the season is ending.  Here’s some of what I’ve brought home lately though- I bought this armoire at a church rummage sale for $18:  (Honestly!  My mom is my witness.)   🙂 Here is […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 14


Have you been treasure hunting lately? I’ve gotten lots of treasures this summer, but now I’m starting to slow down because a) I have too much stuff in my garage again, and b) I’m slowly trying to work through what I already have before this baby comes. Let’s start with the pieces I’m keeping: Armoire […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 12


Fortunately (and unfortunately, since my garage is stuffed again) over the past few weeks I’ve found some pretty amazing pieces… and some not so amazing, but that’s what this blog is all about – making things beautiful.   🙂 Here are my latest treasure hunting finds – some I will keep, some I’ll make over, […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 11


You know yard sale season is officially here when I’m posting my second edition of Treasure Hunting finds in less than a month.  😉 These are items I’ve found while thrifting and yard sale-ing over the last few weeks – some I’ll keep (lucky me!), some I’ll give a makeover, and some will go straight […] Read more…

Treasure Hunting 10


It’s been almost 2 months since my last Treasure Hunting post, and thankfully I’ve been doing some painting because I brought home a lot more furniture in March.  I bought a couple things off Craigslist and then several pieces from a secondhand store near me that’s going out of business.  Some I’ll keep and some […] Read more…

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