Easy Fancy DIY Necklace


I’m so fancy…  well, at least this necklace is. This is hands down one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever done.  Are you ready for it?  ;) To make your easy fancy DIY necklace, first buy a pretty beaded appliqué from the craft store like this shiny black and silver one from Hobby Lobby. [...]

DIY: T-Shirt into Infinity Scarf


I’m a girl who loves to accessorize.  There’s just something about adding an extra detail to an outfit with a pop of color or a fun print.  Scarves are a great way to achieve that look without much effort.  I have about 10, but I could easily have so many more if I’d let myself [...]

The Repurposed Wardrobe: 9 Upcycle Projects


It’s no secret that I love to update and repurpose things for my home – but I also enjoy upcycling items for my closet.  I don’t do it as often, but I’ve had the itch to do more- and I have some great ideas flowing!  Below are links to some of my favorite tutorials from [...]

Decorative Wall Hooks as Jewelry Storage


I admit, I have a problem with buying pretty wall hooks.  I have several on display in our main floor bathroom as decor, and I have three hooks by the front door for hanging necessities (like my purse).  I’ve been collecting more of them for the past year or so with the intention of hanging [...]

Necktie Cuff Bracelet


How was your weekend?  I’ve been working on a painting project that I’m very excited to show you Wednesday.  (And tomorrow I’m sharing some of the ways I organize my house- gasp!  Yes I do organize some areas of my home, just not all of it.  Haha)  But today’s project is a fun accessory upcycle [...]

Beaded Flower Pin


It’s been a really long time since I posted a personal accessory tutorial- well I’m back with one today for a pin that I started making probably 10 years ago.  I’ve even sold some at a craft fair once.  It’s versatile because you can change the bead color and even bead shape to match any [...]

14 Creative Crafts To Try This Summer

Craft Roundup Collage FEAT

With summer comes longer days – why not use some of that extra time to get a little crafty? Here are 14 projects to help inspire you to dig out your craft supplies and get creative! Click on the links below or the photos to be taken directly to the tutorial. To Pin an individual [...]

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Feat

It was one of those weekends…  Nothing too fantastic or horrible happened, but both of my boys (and I) had colds all weekend.  They had it worse than I did, but it was difficult to work on any projects when I kept having to wipe runny noses and refill juice cups for sore throats.  (The [...]

Birthday Boy T-Shirts


At my house we’re gearing up for a big celebration this weekend – our boys’ birthday party!  Their birthdays are only 6 days apart so we have a joint party every year.  They are turning 3 and 4, and it’s such a fun stage.  They’re always wanting to learn new things, asking a million questions, [...]

Vintage Earring Repurpose


If you’re trying to think of a unique gift idea for a gal on your list or if you just need a special something to accessorize your look, I may have just the thing for you.  This involves very little cost and honestly not a whole lot of effort, but may leave your friends jealous [...]

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