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The anything-but-boring chair, my first big reupholstery redo – Themed Furniture Makeover


I think that’s my longest title ever… haha. Today is Themed Furniture Makeover Day with my blogging friends, and this month’s theme is Red, White, or Blue.  I went back and forth on which piece of furniture to redo this time, and finally decided on my almost-famous ReStore chair that received 470 Likes on my […] Read more…

DIY Fabric Backdrop Sign


You guys, I really didn’t know what to call this post.  But basically, here is a tutorial for how I made this for the market (a DIY fabric backdrop sign thingy): I started with a clearance Target Threshold tablecloth.  The one I used was 60″x84″ (but I bought a bunch since they were all marked […] Read more…

Marche Aux Fleurs Wood Tray Makeover


Friends, I have been in full-on recovery mode since the market this weekend.  It was such a great experience (and I’ll share all the details soon) but it was a lot of work and I was so exhausted afterward!  The last few days have been spent snuggling with my baby and taking care of my […] Read more…

Small Table in Layered Chalk Paint


Hey guys!  I’m still working on items for the vintage market, and that includes some small furniture as well.  I painted this small table over the weekend: This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you, so that you can easily find some of the products I used. First, I primed it with […] Read more…

DIY Signs for the Market


So I told you guys I’m doing my first vintage market in a few weeks, and I’m feverishly (as much as I can with three kids – one only 6 months old – and keeping up with household chores) creating pieces to sell.  This is a handmade market, which means I can’t bring some of […] Read more…

My New Vintage Card Catalog


A long time ago I fell in love with card catalogs… they’re not easy to find, and there are a lot of great DIY faux card catalogs out there, but I told myself if I ever found an authentic vintage one I would have to buy it!  (As long as it wasn’t astronomically expensive- let’s […] Read more…

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