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Metallic Paris Jewelry Box


Hi friends!  I’m happy that I was able to squeeze in a smaller project in between working on my dresser makeover (reveal coming Friday) and also getting the house ready for baby. Earlier this summer I bought this plain little wooden jewelry box: First I spiffed it up with some Modern Masters Matte Metallic Paint […] Read more…



Hey guys!  I’m rarely ever away from here for this long, so I wanted to give you a few updates… This was the first full week of school for the boys, so I’ve been taking advantage of that extra time during the day to organize and de-crapify our house (with a ton of help from […] Read more…

Updates: Projects and Pregnancy


Hi there, friend!  I hope you’re doing well.  Life has been busy lately – we’ve been getting the boys ready to go back to school, taking care of necessary evils around the house (a backup sump pump because we had some water in the basement, and scheduling drywall repairs so I can finally redo the […] Read more…

Goodfellow Stenciled Bench


This bench makeover was so simple yet I absolutely love how it turned out.  Not every makeover has to be complicated, although those often end up with the biggest transformations.  This time, this bench just needed one coat of paint and the perfect stencil.  Here’s what it looked like Before: It was a yard sale […] Read more…

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