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I’m not usually one to brag, but I am a very lucky girl.  Not only do I have parents who love me unconditionally and have always believed in me (for which I thank them often), but I have the best possible in-laws that anyone could hope for.  All those scary (and often funny) stories you watch on TV or hear from friends about nosey, overbearing in-laws – they don’t apply to my family.

Recently I got the chance to try out Open Me and send a personalized card to someone special.  I knew right away who to choose.  We moved away from my in-laws 3 1/2 years ago (and closer to my parents) when our first son was 1 and our second son was only 6 weeks old.  Being a few hours apart means we still get to see them a few times each year, but it’s sad when we can’t always be there for birthdays or certain events.

My MIL is a rock.  She has been through so much the past few years including overcoming cancer, becoming the primary caretaker for her mother who needs 24/7 care, and just being the calm, wise matriarch of a diverse family.  If you’re a mom, you know that when your children are having trouble or hurting, then you are too.  She has such a big heart and I know that I can always come to her for advice or encouragement.

My FIL is a hard working family man with a heart of gold.  He’s a quiet mountain and a great example.  We’ve been having some problems with a rental home near my in-laws and he has graciously stepped in to help us take care of the difficult situation.  He’s been a huge help and a blessing to us.

With their wisdom and efforts, they’ve helped us get through some rough times.  I know that a thoughtful card isn’t enough to really thank them, but hopefully it will brighten their day and remind them that we really appreciate them!

On the Open Me website I had a hard time choosing between the four cards in the top image.  Finally the cute bird won because my MIL loves birds.  It was easy to sign up (just use your Facebook login info) and then I could personalize the inside and back of the card with photos and a heartfelt message.  I included an adorable photo of the boys because grandparents always want more photos of their grandbabies.  ;)

I chose a handwriting-type font and wrote a personal message telling them how much we appreciate them.  Then on the back I just wrote “With Love ~ 2013.”  I tend to keep almost all the cards I receive and I always date them, so it’s just habit for me to write the year when I’m giving a card too.

When you’re done you can preview the card and make changes pretty easily, then you decide whether you want the card printed and mailed ($4) or sent as an e-card for free.

I chose to have it mailed, so I entered the address and picked a delivery date and that was it!  Easy peasy.

I love that I could easily choose a card from the website in the comfort of my home without having to deal with all the millions of people in stores this time of year.  (I even do most of my shopping online!)  I can also see this as a great way to send birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards – for any occasion really.  Some of the cards are mushy and some are quite hilarious; you really should check Open Me out!

Also find Open Me here:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Who is someone special in your life that deserves a thoughtful card from you?


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    That is a darling card and I loved that you were able to personalize it with the picture of your darling boys! OpenMe has some terrific options. I love that you can schedule it to go out whenever you want. I’m sure your in-laws will love it!
    Shanna Gilbert recently posted…Christmas Home Tour 2013My Profile

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